The annual exchange of greetings cards over Christmastide has one sad but none-the-less helpful result. This is when relatives get in touch to inform the sender that unfortunately the intended recipient had passed away during the previous months. I received a card from Alex’s daughter Fiona just before Christmas telling me that Alex had died suddenly at home on 25 February 2018 and that his wife Margaret had had a severe stroke on the following day. Alex was a good friend and co-worker during the late 1950s and early 1960s when I was undertaking a piece of research. He was the head technician in the laboratory complex in Glasgow where I worked. But he was more than a brilliant technician – he was an expert in the operation of the network of railways around Glasgow (he lived in Kirkhill) and also of the Clyde steamer fleet that used to take Glaswegians “doon the watter” to the many resorts sprinkled along the Clyde estuary. Alex was a good photographer and many of the Clyde steamer views in this Society’s “Electrail Slides” range are from shots taken by Alex. Alex and Fiona visited the Society’s stand at Model Rail Scotland most years and was pleased to see that copies of his slides were still a draw for many customers.
Iain Frew, December 2018

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