London Underground Route Diagrams

A large number of route maps of the LUL network exist, some produced by LUL itself and others by commercial firms wanting to show where their premises are in relation to LUL stations. In addition to the conventional diagrammatic route map there is now a similar map with highlighted sections that are in tunnels. This is designed to help passengers who are frightened of being in a confined space to find a more comfortable route. An extremely helpful map highlights stations that have a public toilet in the station or very close by, and this could be very useful if the passenger has made use of the map showing stations that include a coffee shop in or adjacent to the station.
There are maps showing how long it takes to get between stations on foot, on a bike, and using a scooter. Another map shows the location of the major theatres and their proximity to stations. A similar map shows where the small theatres or meeting venues are located. For those who feel hungry at unsocial hours McDonald’s have produced a map to show the location of those restaurants that are open until midnight, or throughout the whole 24 hours. A geographically correct map has been produced in which the various lines are so crowded together in the central areas that it is virtually impossible to identify all the stations – hence the reason for the usual diagrammatic map in which a useful amount of space has been created for downtown areas.. A fashion orientated map has been produced and shows altered station names such as Picca-Twiggy Circus with some connections with the fashion industry. A similar map showing a Shakespeare theme has been produced jointly by the Globe Theatre and TfL. Each Christmas TfL produces a map highlighting the location of festive attractions.

Iain Frew

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