Last C stock reaches its destination

Early on 3 June, the District line achieved another milestone as the last C stock train ran in customer service and London Underground said goodbye to the stock.

Train 074, the last District line C stock train entered service from Triangle sidings that morning at 05:41 and was driven by Train Operator Richard Grzesik who has been with London Underground for 39 years.

Throughout the morning, the train was driven by Train Operators Brian Lisely, Junior Anderson and Mick Palmer, Instructor Operator, all with over 40 years service. So all those operators saw the C stock enter service and were there on the last day to drive it to the end.

The 1969 C Stock trains were designed and built by Metro Cammell and entered service at the time of the 70’s Oil Crisis, which was a time of austerity and cuts in all areas but despite this it served London for over 40 years on the Circle, Hammersmith and District lines.

Richard Grzesik said: “I will really miss this train it’s a character and am pleased I was able to drive it on the last day.”

Brian Lisely added: “It’s like saying goodbye to an old friend, I’ve enjoyed it”

Mick Palmer said: “The C Stock was always a challenge to drive. It’s been a privilege to be involved today.

Riz Mirza, Trains Operations Standards Manager Upgrades said: “It’s an important milestone achieved by the District line today. Running 8 S Stock trains. Today was a result of the efforts by the whole line over the past year.”

The trains lasted their 39 year life span thanks to the hard work and dedication of the train maintainers in Asset Performance and LUL has been able to be replace these with brand new, air-conditioned trains thanks to the teams in the Capital Programmes Directorate.

(This is an edited version of a press release by London Underground on 3 June 2014.)

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